Thursday, October 29, 2009

Welcome Note...

Dear Friends, Bloggers and surfers,

Welcome to the Academy of Creative Crafts!

This academy is the first of its kind in India, which offers training to Men, Women, Children of all ages. As long as the individual has the desire to learn a form of craft we offer the services to teach you the craft.

We provide training in groups (minimum group of 5 & a maximum group of 10), however individual / personalised classes can be arranged on request.

This blog is a showcase of the activities that we do and the courses / programs we offer.

This Academy is run and managed by a group of professionals who have tremendous amount of experience in the crafts the teach. These courses and programs will help to you to learn the art and then practise the same dor pleasure as a hobby or a home business opportunity.

The team comprises of people who are specialist in Oil painting, Acrylic painting, Paper Crafts, Flower making, cooking to name a few. We are constantly on the look for new team members, so if you specialise in any form of craft please do feel free to write to us at

Happy Learning!!

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